Monday, April 23, 2012

Donations Are Great!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful donations to the library recently.  We have been putting new books on the shelves each week and have added lots of wonderful selections to our books on tape/CD collections.  We have also added some new Young Adult Fiction so come on in and check us out!

The magazine exchange is going strong and there are a lot of interesting magazines to choose from.  If you would like to recycle a newer magazine or two simply bring them down, add them to the exchange and take one or two with you!  It's a great way to read a variety of material without having to subscribe to them all.

Thanks to all the Board members who helped out on Work Party Day.  They spent hours on their hands and knees weeding our new landscaped beds (work done by Eagle Scout, Porter Richins). They worked very hard and made their way through half the bed.  Anyone out there like to weed?  If so, please come on down and we'll give you your own patch to care for!  Not sure why we called it a Work Party....we definitely did more work than partying!